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Scanned off the The Bloodhound Gang VHS

Clip from 48 Hours

This is from 1982, look who the guy is who wants his car !

Clip from Hill Street Blues - Fruits Of The Poisonous Tree

The Bloodhound Gang

Marcelino played Ricardo in the The Bloodhound Gang which was a segment on the PBS television program 3-2-1 Contact.

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Tribute Video

A little video i put together

Marcelino Mini Biography

From The Warriors info booklet from Jan 1979

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Credits from the different shows Marcelino has been in. Sometimes though he was credited as James Marcelino,which was a name his agent came up with and insisted he use during the last part of his career.


Clip from The Bloodhound - 1985

Clip from The Bloodhound Gang

Screenshot Pictures

Information on Marcelino

Did you work with Marcelino ? or go to College or Theatre with him ? I would love to hear from you. Also if you have any pictures of Marcelino, i would be very grateful

About Marcelino

Marcelino was born on the 5th December, 1957 in Cayey, Puerto Rico.He attended the High School of Art & Design in New York to study painting but joined the Drama Club and ended up getting into acting instead. He joined the 13th Street Theatre and then later HB Studio in New York.

Marcelino will probably be most noted for playing the graffiti artist "Rembrandt" in the 1979 cult film The Warriors and also as Ricardo on The Bloodhound Gang which was a segment on the American science educational television show 3-2-1 Contact.He also appeared in 1985 on CBS Schoolbreak Special - The War Between the Classes and Student Court.

On the 5th of December 1986, Marcelino sadly passed away from (as it says on several biogs & websites) cancer.

Though this info is very little, i will update when i get to know more.


Welcome to my Marcelino Sanchez tribute site.

After much searching on the internet about Marcelino and only finding bits here and there, i decided to make my space about him and his work.

Photograph © Harvey Wang